Sunrise and Sunsets is an acoustic pop-rock project started On Jan 2020 in South Shields, UK. It is a music project started by singer-songwriter Christian Yu, originally from the Philippines and came to the UK to work as a nurse for the NHS.

Chris originally just posted cover songs on his Facebook account as a way to fight his feelings of homesickness and he never expected his cover songs to get any attention. However they did and so he decided to pursue music and created an official YouTube channel and Facebook page to share more music and reach a wider audience.

Chris played in various metal, acoustic, pop-punk, and pop-rock bands and played numerous gigs when he was in the Philippines. He was invited to play for a few local radio stations and also was asked to play on TV back in his home country. His experience in playing with different bands and different kinds of music greatly influenced the way he stylistically approaches his songs, therefore, offering something new to the table.